Finance Your Vehicle Service with Ally Bank

Being hit by an unexpected bill can be a huge bummer. Especially when it's an expense that you can't delay paying, like a car repair bill. When you need a repair or modification, but you prefer flexibility in how you pay for it, Ally Lending gives you the option to pay over time for the service. Paying over time for your services via an Ally Lending loan product may save you from maxing out your credit card or paying high credit card interest charges depending on your financing offers.  You can finance any of your service maintenance, collision repair, or parts & accessories needs with Ally Lending.

Ally Lending perks:

  • Pre-qualify quickly with no impact to your credit
  • View instant customized financing offers
  • Select a monthly payment that works for your wallet
  • Finalize your loan with no down payment
  • Avoid maxing out your personal credit card or paying high interest charges depending on financing offers
  • Finally take care of that repair, maintenance or modification you have been putting off on your vehicle due to upfront cost
  • Enjoy your fully functional vehicle now, while paying Ally Lending back over time

How applying for finance works:

Step 1:

Click the application page link to pre-qualify.

Pre-qualify quickly with no impact to your credit!

Have this information handy:

  • Estimated costs
  • Driver's License or Government-issued ID
  • Social Security number

Step 2

Once you've completed the application, contact your service advisor to finalize and sign your loan agreement. Loan finalization can be done in-person or over the phone. If you have questions or need to re-visit an in-progress application, call Ally Lending at 1-800-427-9184.

Step 3

Finalize and sign your loan agreement with your service advisor.

  • If finalizing in at the dealership, you can review the agreement on the service advisor's computer or on your personal device via email. Once you have reviewed, click to sign at the bottom of the page.
  • If finalizing over the phone, your service advisor will email you a link to review the agreement. Once you have reviewed, scroll to the bottom of the loan agreement and click to sign.
All loans are unsecured personal loans originated by Ally Bank, Member FDIC

About Ally Lending:

Ally Lending is on a mission to give you the most straightforward, easy, and efficient financing in the game. You can use Ally Lending to pay over time for vehicle repairs, so you don't have to put your life on hold.

Ally Lending is a business line of Ally Bank. As a whole, Ally Financial has over 8,500,000 customers who trust them to help with banking, auto loans, investing, and other financial needs. For over 100 years, Ally has been known for relentless dedication to customers, commitment to innovation, and simple, smart experiences.

All loans are unsecured personal loans originated by Ally Bank, Member FDIC Subject to credit review and approval.